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MARHedge Hedge Fund Summit -- Bermuda

MARHedge is hosting its 14th Annual Global Hedge Fund Summit at the Fairmont Southhampton, Bermuda. The conference features Dr. Alan Greenspan as the keynote speaker. For more information, visit

MARHedge Global Hedge Fund Summit

The need has never been greater for hedge funds and funds of funds pursuing long-term, sustainable growth to establish and maintain relationships with investors and have the proper business infrastructure and systems in place and operating.

The concentration of investor assets in a relatively few number of hedge funds and funds of funds can be traced, in part, to those firms’ ability to convince investors they have such a framework and are able to demonstrate robust investment processes backed by a comprehensive set of solid, enforced risk management tools. While larger, well established firms will continue to attract the lion’s share of assets, their competition will continue to emerge even as barriers to entry increase.

“Institutionalizing” processes and procedures that will not only ensure regulatory compliance but also comprehensively reduce risk and appeal to clients, is a key component of the success larger firms have had and continue to have.

In response, Institutional Investor is proud to be associated with the Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA), the compliance educational resource and forum, in presenting the Governance, Risk and Compliance sessions offered at the 14th Annual Institutional Investor/MARHedge Global Hedge Fund Summit, which will feature many of the RCA’s CCO University Faculty.

These sessions will bring together leading regulatory, legal, administrative and compliance experts to examine key issues in a variety of jurisdictions that hedge funds must understand and respond to in order to meet their obligations and properly manage their operations as well as serve their clients.

In addition, through a series of presentations and panel discussions by industry experts, the Global Hedge Fund Summit will thoroughly examine the elements essential for hedge funds and funds of funds to operate successfully at all levels. Participants will explore the latest trends and the issues they must consider carefully in managing their businesses, including:

  • Views and outlooks about the industry from the perspective of investors
  • Constructing compensation schemes to ensure employee retention
  • Creating a comprehensive role for marketing
  • Managing media relations
  • What it takes for new managers to attract seed capital or additional capital
  • Approaches to valuing illiquid securities
  • Strategy outlooks
  • The business model of the future

Institutional Investor, with its more than 35 years of experience developing events of the highest caliber, is looking forward to its premier management of the Global Hedge Fund Summit in conjunction with MARHedge. For more information, visit

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