S3 Partners Data Management Tools Are Timesavers

Apr 27 2015 | 5:38am ET

Information management is a time consuming process, especially as hedge funds and other investment vehicles become more complex, pulling data from multiple service providers each day. S3 Partners has created a platform to streamline the process, helping asset managers aggregate prime brokerage, swap, stock loan and custody data they can act on, all while saving time.

Company: S3 Partners
Location: New York
Website: www.s3partners.net
Twitter: @S3Partners
Sector: Software
Year Formed: 2003
No. of Employees: NA
Stage: In revenue
Notable Investors: NA

Pitch: S3 Partners provides market-leading technology solutions, services and software to global asset managers, hedge funds and banks.

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

S3 is a global, multi-asset analytics company. Asset managers use our BLACKLIGHT platform for one-click counterparty intelligence. One click to action capital, cost and collateral efficiency.  One click to reduce counterparty risk for all trading relationships. One click to map all of your prime brokerage, derivatives, and custody data into one electronic protocol. Our hi-tech, high-touch platform handles more trade data and contractual agreements than any other platform of its kind.

We formed S3 to help asset managers aggregate prime brokerage, swap, stock loan and custody data to collect insights that clients can act on, all while saving hours of manual data processing. Then we expanded our services-focused model to include our SaaS platform BLACKLIGHT. BLACKLIGHT is a counterparty intel analytics platform that puts the power of our aggregation technology and data footprint directly into the hands of clients. It reduces the amount of time necessary to manage prime, swap and custodial data by three-to-seven hours per day.

How are you different than other companies in the same space?

What differentiates S3 is that we are both a technology company and a services company. Our competitors are one or the other.

S3 combines cutting-edge technology with a deep bench of industry professionals. This means our clients can count on us to help them drill down and identify where they can create time and money in their businesses, and then deploy the technology to make this happen.

Our flagship product BLACKLIGHT is the world’s first action-oriented counterparty intel analytics platform designed to revolutionize trading relationships. It gives our clients customized and real-time information on positions, financing, and counterparties delivered on any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Traditionally, managers and funds (and the vendors they hire) spend large amounts of time and money collecting and analyzing position data. For some managers, more time is spent collecting data than acting on that information for clients. S3 brings valuable analytics and productivity efficiency to clients as well as the larger industry.

BLACKLIGHT improves buy- and sell-side trading relationships and provides critical data analytics to create time, productivity efficiencies and information control. With critical data that impacts every facet of their business right at their fingertips, our clients can use simpler reporting and advanced analytics to make better decisions faster and more consistently.

What is your revenue model?

We offer data analytics and service solutions for companies ranging from basic products to fully customized and integrated deployments worth millions of dollars. We provide our clients with seamless integration of all the necessary data required to report and meet a number of regulation requirements.

Our model works. The most sophisticated managers in the world use our BLACKLIGHT CIA platform, our counterparty risk solutions and collateral and treasury management services. BLACKLIGHT reduces the amount of time necessary to manage prime, swap and custodial data by three to seven hours per day.

Who is your target market? How big is the opportunity?

Any investment manager who is facing the burden of steadily increasing complex regulatory requirements and pressures on fees. The S3 proposition – creating time while re-deploying headcount for other meaningful business purposes – is very relevant to this audience. With more than $3 trillion spread out globally in just the hedge fund space, this is a huge universe. And with investor demands and regulatory needs increasing at a fast clip, we see some pretty green fields.

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding?

Our company ethos is to Create Absolute Trust, Innovate Meticulously and Answer Simply.

When a client looks at our counterparty intel analytics platform for the first time, or every minute of every working day, we want them to feel our ethos. If everything we do creates trust, is meticulously done and is simple to use, we are fulfilling the mantra behind why S3's people come to work. Knowing what we need to provide our clients by knowing who we are as a company is the key to our success.

We will grow this year because our clients will have the tools to succeed no matter where the market goes.

What is your company’s next target/milestone?

Our goal this year is to reach more clients than ever before.

We believe that asset managers are competing on costs but don't know it yet. At S3, we will continue to evolve with new regulation trends and the needs of our individual clients, providing them with customized solutions. Our customers must adopt and economize as well.

As the needs of the marketplace evolve, we have several projects in the works designed to respond to these changes in the landscape. Our clients are demanding; meeting those demands is what will drive our mutual success.

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company?

When you arrive at S3, the first and last thing you see is a painting of an eight-person racing shell with a team rowing in unison. That picture of a team working together is a powerful image and a subtle daily reminder of the environment we want here at S3.

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