FinFair And The Alpha Pages Team Up To Showcase Retail-Centric Alternative Financial Products And Technologies

Apr 30 2015 | 6:31am ET

FinFair 2015, the first conference platform to feature the leadership, products and technologies driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market, and The Alpha Pages, the premier, independent investor’s source for print and digital news on the alternative investment industry, have aligned to introduce financial professionals to a new wave of alternative products – all aimed at helping their retail clientele recapture portfolio yield.

Driven by strong institutional demand, the global alternative assets under management (AUM) have increased from $2.9 trillion in 2005 to an estimated $10 trillion - far outpacing the growth rate of traditional asset classes. According to a research report titled, The Retail Alternatives Phenomenon by SEI Investments Co., “Alternatives are now migrating from institutional to retail markets, just as the use of asset allocation models did several decades back… The market for retail alternatives is huge, growing and still in its infancy.”

Particularly as crowd-based asset classes such as P2P lending and JOBS Act inspired equities offerings garner more mainstream acceptance, the demand for retail alternatives is only likely to accelerate.

There is presently a tremendous amount of financial innovation occurring in the crowd-based retail alternatives space. Particularly over the past year, a number of fund managers and fintech experts have been developing products to support financial advisors and their retail clientele including: new gateways to pre-IPO growth stocks and P2P investment opportunities; vehicles to expedite self-directed IRA investing and platforms for liquidating alternative assets. However, much of this innovation still remains under the radar.

“I am honored to be teaming up with The Alpha Pages, a print and digital new media company in the alternative investment space, in order to bring some of these cutting-edge products and technologies to the forefront. In addition to FINalternatives, the most read independent news and information service covering the hedge fund and alternative investment industries, The Alpha Pages, Futures Magazine and Modern Trader Magazine are the ideal platforms to help FinFair’s presenters broaden their global reach,” stated Dara Albright, Co-founder of the FinFair Conference.

“We are thrilled to be aligning with FinFair and providing its sponsors with the opportunity to connect with our more than 50,000 print magazine readers, registered industry insiders and nearly 300,000 monthly unique visitors. Given the growth of the industry coupled with the acceleration of retail innovation, this groundbreaking conference couldn’t be more well-timed,” said Jeff Joseph, Chief Executive Officer of The Alpha Pages.

For more information, visit FinFair 2015

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