OpsCheck Aims To Keep Hedge Fund Operations Running Smoothly

May 8 2015 | 6:38am ET

Some of the most brilliant hedge fund managers have seen their firms collapse not because of poor investment decisions, but because of failed operations. Managing a business is very different than managing a fund. One firm is harnessing technology to help managers run their businesses. OpsCheck, which was specifically built for fund managers, is a web-based application aimed at managing and warehousing all business operational tasks for hedge funds.

Company: FJC Partners, LLC
Product: OpsCheck
Location: New York
Website: www.opscheck.com
Twitter: _OpsCheck
Sector: Operations, Compliance, Risk Management
Year Founded: 2014
No. of Employees:
Stage: In revenue
Notable Investors: NA

Pitch: Created by a financial and hedge fund industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, OpsCheck is a powerful web-based application developed to centralize, manage and warehouse all business operational tasks for hedge funds.

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?    

OpsCheck is a web-based application developed to centralize, manage and warehouse all of the tasks that support business operations for alternative investment firms. OpsCheck enhances management oversight, promotes continuous improvements, and builds a culture of operational excellence. The application is easy to configure, fully customizable and an incredibly cost-effective tool for hedge funds at every stage of development.

OpsCheck is led by Frank Caccio who has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and specifically in hedge funds for the last 20 years. Drawing upon his deep experience and extensive network of alternative investment professionals, he offers a true hedge fund practitioner’s perspective.

How is different than other companies in the same space?

Although task management is not considered new overall, OpsCheck was built from the COO/CFO perspective by someone that has many years of experience in the investment management industry. From that view point we don’t believe we have any competitors. We also are priced very competitively and are so confident in the application that we give our clients the option of a no risk trial period.

What is your revenue model?

OpsCheck is a subscription based service and clients are billed annually or semi-annually. OpsCheck is already profitable.

Who is your target market?

Investment managers including hedge funds, private equity funds, registered investment advisors and funds of funds.  In the future we plan to target other financial entities. OpsCheck can add immediate value to a startup firm, large AUM firms, and anywhere in between. 

How big is the opportunity?

We believe the opportunity is tremendous. Our goal is to first strongly establish ourselves in the alternative investment space and then widen the breadth of clients as mentioned above.

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding?   

Our strategic edge is the vast experience of the founder and the high standards that are set. Having been in senior positions with two very prestigious hedge funds, Tiger and Highbridge, and part of a few of start-ups that grew to $400-$500 million in AUM, there are not that many industry executives who can offer our deep expertise, and none we are aware of that provide a solution like OpsCheck. This experience adds a certain amount of built-in credibility which is reinforced when communicating and presenting the application to various senior managers at our prospective clients. 

I strongly believe I know what they need, because I’m certain that I know what they do.  Additionally, we recognize the need to be dynamic and responsive by continually adding new features and listening closely to our clients and the marketplace.

What is your company’s next target/milestone?

Our next milestone is to solidify our place among the leading service providers in the alternative investment space. 

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company?

When we started to develop our first video about OpsCheck I was selecting the images and drafting the captions and voiceover script. As I started to record the audio I realized that my voice was not ideal to showcase the application in its best light. In walks my wife, and with some flowers and convincing, she kindly accepted the challenge. We’ve already recruited her to be the voice of OpsCheck in our next video.

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