Imagineer Provides Software Exclusively For Alts. Managers, Investors

Jun 4 2015 | 12:50pm ET

While there is a software program for just about everything these days, it can be hard to figure out just which one is best for your particular need. In order to narrow down your choices, it helps to concentrate on firms that specialize in your field. One firm that specializes exclusively in the alternative investment industry is Imagineer Technology Group.

Company: Imagineer Technology Group, L.L.C.
Location: New York
Fintech Sector: Institutional Investment, Financial Research, CRM_& Web reporting
Year formed: 1998
No. of employees: 60
Stage: In Revenue.  Growth company.
Notable investors: NA

Pitch: Imagineer Technology Group is a New York City based software company focused on providing flexible and scalable solutions to asset managers and allocators. Our highly configurable software solutions assist our clients in the areas of Client Relationship Management, Client Web Reporting and Fund Research & Portfolio Management.

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

Imagineer Technology Group, LLC is a software company based in New York, NY.  We have 3 specific products:  Clienteer – our flagship product which is an investor relations CRM software; WebVision – a web platform for online client reporting from within a client’s own corporate website (can be fully integrated with Clienteer but is also sold stand alone and can integrate with other CRM platforms), and FundInsight – a web based platform for fund allocators to manage their research & due diligence on fund managers, document management, performance analytics and portfolio management.  Imagineer is headquartered in NYC and also has an offshore development office in Ukraine. 

How is different than other companies in the same space?

Imagineer creates and maintains a competitive edge by specializing its product focus to alternative asset managers and allocators exclusively, deeply understanding the needs of this core constituency and providing unrivaled competency in developing and supporting these clients in the daily workflows that are most relevant to them.  The firm emphasizes substance over promotion and relies on strong long term relationships with its clients to build its business through client referrals.

What is your revenue model?

Similar to most software companies, the majority of our revenues are derived from annual software user licenses.  We also derive a portion of our revenues from one time project or professional service fees tied to the implementation and configuration of our product solutions.  The firm has very little client turnover (under 5%) and is profitable.  As a private company we do not disclose specific revenue or profitability information.
Who is your target market? How big is the opportunity?

Our target market is alternative asset managers (largely hedge funds and to a lesser extent private equity firms) and also allocators who allocate assets to these asset managers – HFOFs, family offices, and other institutional investors.  On the manager side, we tend to do very well with medium to larger hedge funds that can fully benefit from our specialized solutions (including several of the largest firms in the industry). Recently, we have been growing our business among early stage and even start up hedge funds as well, as these firms increasingly recognize the benefit of adopting scalable solutions in their business from day one.  On the allocator side, we have done well with a number of private banks, hedge fund of funds and multi-family offices that need institutional quality research and due diligence tools.   

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding?

One of the biggest keys to our success is our low turnover rate and thus, the deep industry experience and competency of our team.  Pretty much our entire team has stayed with the company since joining us which provides us a real advantage in terms of having knowledgeable and experienced associates that add value to our clients every day.  Too many technology companies have a high degree of turnover among salespeople, client service and product team professionals that make it difficult for these firms to consistently deliver the best software and client service to their clients.

What is your company’s next target/milestone?

Global market recognition of our offerings and how they can help asset managers and allocators.

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company?

Our unique company name, “Imagineer” came from an early saying around our company that “if you can imagine it, we can engineer it.” 

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