Rage Frameworks: Separating the Signal From the Noise

Sep 18 2015 | 5:32pm ET

The management team at Rage Frameworks has been working together for twenty years and built five companies together, so they know something about what it takes to build a better mousetrap. In the rapidly-developing market for sophisticated signal & content analysis tools for financial markets, the company's pioneeing cognitive intelligence work enables fund managers to determine whether a certain topic or sentiment will impact a specific stock, and if so, by how much.

\Company name: Rage Frameworks

Locations: Dedham, Massachusetts and Pune, India

Website: www.rageframeworks.com/capital_markets/

Fintech Sector(s):Capital markets, wealth management and business banking

Elevator Pitch: Leader in cognitive intelligence and digital transformation technology providing enterprise solutions to power business transformation.

Year Formed:2008

No. of Employees: 475

Stage: Profitable

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

Rage Frameworks provides enterprise mission critical Business Process Automation and Big Data solutions and products as a managed service, based on its pioneering and patented technology. 

RAGE’s Cognitive Intelligence technology applies computational linguistics in addition to advanced NLP techniques, to analyze and interpret unstructured content in the context of the subject being analyzed.  This linguistics-based approach, which takes into account the exact context of what is being analyzed, is essential for precision action and true intelligent, business processes. In conjunction with RAGE’s equally unique Business Process Frameworks, this powers the company’s vision of enabling the truly intelligent and responsive enterprise.

  • More precisely, RAGE differentiates itself in the capital narkets space in the following ways:
  • White box solution: Rage solutions are not a black-box, and each stage of analysis can be reviewed for validation and continuous improvement as necessary.
  • Operational context:  RAGE has a unique way of determining the operational context of a signal.  Unless you can determine such context, the signal cannot be determined as such and you also cannot determine the direction of the signal.  Is it positive or negative?  The sentiment may be negative when you just read the news or a tweet but in the context of a specific security, it may actually be positive.  
  • Actionable intelligence: RAGE allows you to determine whether a certain topic and sentiment should have an impact on a specific stock and if so, how much. 
  • Local versus global context:  RAGE solutions have the ability to determine the global context for the sentiment pertaining to a topic. We are not limited to the text of the news article being analyzed.    


How is different than other companies in the same space?

Rage is pioneering context-sensitive cognitive intelligence applications for real time interpretation of unstructured content, e.g., investment/industry research, enterprise risk management, competitive intelligence, life sciences, publishing, litigation and others. For instance, the company’s RTI solution detects signals using Artificial Intelligence technology to effectively translate unstructured content into valuable intelligence. In addition, RTI is a white-box solution – in other words, unlike a black box solution, Rage is able to show its users why it rated a certain company or a piece of information positive or negative. In sum, the company has pioneered the application of linguistics-based machine learning to interpret the meaning from the information contained within unstructured data.

Similarly, its LiveWealth solution is a comprehensive next generation wealth management framework. The product includes three modules – custodian aggregation, performance analysis and customizable reporting, and a configurable, extensible intelligent agent module – thus enabling wealth advisors to become highly proactive and stay abreast of all developments that may impact any of their clients at a very granular level. The framework is extendible which enables the wealth advisor to address the complex needs of the HNWI market.

Who is your target market?

Investment managers, asset managers, hedge fund managers, quantitative managers and other financial services professionals.

How big is the opportunity?

The market essentially spans the entire capital markets segment, from research to trading.

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding? 

Put simply, no other company brings to bear the same level of deep expertise in financial services, knowledge based technologies, natural language processing and computational linguistics. Beginning in the 1980s, our company’s leadership team pioneered credit and collections automation to become a leader in sourcing, processing and analyzing unstructured and structured content. The incredibly high frequency and heterogeneity of information that is available for processing and analysis today far outstrips the capacity of humans to process such information, demanding that products like RTI – with its ability to deal with this Big Data challenge and opportunity, detecting relevance and significance of the information in real time – become a must-have resource for Capital Markets professionals to get true signals.   

What is your company’s next target/milestone?  Release another pioneering product in financial services sector in Q3 2015.  

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company? The management team has been together for the past 20 years, building five companies along the way.

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