Annual Reader Survey: Volume Off and Equity-Centric

Mar 10 2016 | 7:11pm ET

Each year, we ask our readership for information about the kind of trading they do, the media they consume and the topics of greatest interest to them. Our particular audience is heavily tilted towards alternative investment industry participants, whether they be buy, sell or service-side, so demographically speaking, certain aspects of our surveys remain relatively constant. For instance, our readers tend to be typically male and politically conservative.

The preliminary results from this year’s survey have started to come in. If you haven't taken it yet, please go here – it won’t take much time, and you’ll be eligible to win an Apple watch.

Some interesting early takeaways:

  • In what must terrify both the financial punditry out there as well as financial network advertisers (and executives), nearly half (44.3%) of you watch a financial news channel with the volume OFF. In other words, you really have no idea who was on CNBC or Bloomberg today, and even if you did, you have no idea what they said. Ditto, obviously, for the advertisers that pay big bucks to get in front of you. Considering the money at stake, we found this ratio is surprisingly high. 
  • Also interesting: the percentage of you with no television tuned to market news, which is now more than a third (37.7%). 
  • Market news channels, take note: to the extent our audience represents the investment industry as a whole, 82% either have your channels muted, or off completely. 
  • In aggregate, our readership is essentially multi-strategy. Half of you (52%) trade futures, nearly half FOREX (46%), 62% options, 42% fixed income and more than three quarters (77%) trade equities. 
  • Fully 57% of you trade exchange traded funds, a number that has grown steadily as these index-linked securities have proliferated. We don’t typically cover ETFs in FINalternatives, so this may be a good example of using what we learn through your responses to broaden our coverage to include ETFs based on alternative strategies. 

The survey will be available for a few more days, and we encourage you to complete it (here is the link again). If you already have, thanks - your participation gives us great feedback, and helps keep FIN's content relevant and on topic. 

Thanks for reading FINalternatives!


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