Imagine Software: Custom Apps for Real-Time Portfolio, Risk and Regulatory Solutions

Apr 8 2016 | 11:37pm ET

Editor’s Note: Cloud-based risk management systems for institutional money managers are a popular area within fintech space, since they harness technology to process and synthesize vast amounts of disparate data accurately and in real time. The team at Imagine Software has developed a comprehensive suite of products that offers clients programmatic access to not only the company’s analytics and data, but also lets them develop custom apps to solve specific proprietary business problems and manage global risk in real time, across all traded products and regions.

Company name: Imagine Software Inc.

Locations: New York, Cleveland, London, Sydney, Hong Kong


Fintech Sector(s):  Front-to-back office risk management for financial services firms of all sizes and complexities. 

Elevator Pitch: Imagine is a leading provider of real-time portfolio, risk management and regulatory solutions for financial firms worldwide.

Year Formed: 1993

No. of Employees: 185 employees

Stage: Imagine is well-established and privately held, with no external venture capital or bank debt. 

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

Imagine is a flexible and adaptable technology platform, both enterprise and cloud-based, that provides all of the data, services and solutions that financial clients – whether a global bank or a macro desk – need to remain relevant and competitive.  

How is Imagine different than other companies in the same space?

The Imagine Financial Platform (IFP), our cloud-based application, has grown into a tremendous resource for clients who are using it in an almost limitless fashion to extend and improve their own technology systems. The IFP provides programmatic access to Imagine’s extensive analytics and data, empowering our clients to develop bespoke applications to solve business problems, enhance research capabilities, create customized real-time dashboards, enrich their client portals and respond to a host of proprietary needs – on their own or with Imagine, as they like.

Companies no longer have to live with outdated technology or face the costs of completely new systems.  Firms’ ability to adopt Imagine’s award-winning platform is having a profound effect on their ability to create and use applications – all without human intervention.  More than 85% of Imagine’s clients now run or build apps – and they cover the full range of risk, portfolio management and compliance operations that include upcoming and past corporate actions reporting, limits monitoring, Excel add-ins, multivariate beta analytics, calculators and more. 

What is your revenue model?

Imagine’s ability to provide timely and effective solutions to ever-evolving market challenges is key to the firm’s 22-year-long record of success.  Imagine’s Real-Time Risk & Compliance Solution was created to help managers in high speed and high volume environments meet compressed reporting times.  The technical bandwidth of the RRC, which performs calculations on thousands of trades per second across millions of positions, can simultaneously track regulatory limits and investment risk, and perform institutional grade due-diligence across all asset classes. This allows firms to comply with a myriad of regulatory reporting needs without adding to internal resources.  Imagine’s long history of innovation is reflected in our hundreds of clients and thousands of users worldwide, who entrust us with upwards of $5 trillion in risk-managed client assets, some 15 million daily trades covering 150+ products and the delivery of over 7 million aggregated positions.  

Who is your target market?

The world's banks, broker dealers, hedge funds, pension funds, funds of funds and asset managers. Our clients include Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of Montreal, SkyBridge Capital LLC, G.H. Financials Limited, Henderson Global Investors Limited, Rothschild Larch Lane Management Company, Arrowgrass Capital Partners, Asymmetric Asset Management, and Perennial Value Investment Partners and many others. 

How big is the opportunity?

Financial markets are moving faster than ever, and regulatory controls will only escalate.  At the same time, global firms have struggled with disparate internal risk systems that make it difficult to capture risk at the enterprise level.  Imagine has helped firms leapfrog the limitations of their own systems by transitioning to integrated trading desk technology that makes it possible to effectively manage global risk in real time, across all traded products and aggregated across all regions.  Strategically, our clients realized the cost of not having real-time feeds, prices and calculations so managers can drill into problematic numbers or initiate a unified “command center” when market dynamics suddenly change – was not supportable.  The opportunity – to ensure that firms are protected from a repetition of 2008 – is vast.  

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding?

Imagine grows and succeeds because our flexible and adaptable technology can solve the most complex business need and clients can manage their risk anytime, anywhere.  That’s how the Imagine system was built, and it continues to work, decade after decade. The Imagine team leads the industry in delivering solutions that add tangible value. 

What is your company’s next milestone?

Putting our Risk Portal technology in every firm, because our ability to calculate risk per position, so that a prime brokers and data providers, for example, can deliver a feed with defined risk parameters built into every position will, we believe, represent one of the greatest advances going forward for the financial industry.

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company? Each of our conference rooms at our headquarters is named after a member of the original Beatles band.  Since there are five conference rooms, we also added Billy (Preston), sometimes known as the “Fifth Beatle”.

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