Dynamo Software: Using the Cloud to Configure End-to-End Apps

Jul 29 2016 | 6:51pm ET

Editor’s note: Innovation in the fintech space is largely taking place in the cloud, where powerful and scalable software solutions can be provided for low upfront investment and ongoing cost than the legacy in-house systems common on Wall Street just a few years ago. The team at Dynamo Software is using the cloud to deliver a suite of CRM, portfolio management, online reporting, and mobile apps to alternative asset managers so they can raise assets on time, make the best investments, and keep investors satisfied. 

Company name: Dynamo Software, Inc.


  • Corporate Headquarters: Watertown, Massachusetts
  • European Sales and Client Service: London, England
  • Product Development/R&D: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Field Office: Chicago, Illinois 

Website: http://www.dynamosoftware.com

Fintech Sector(s): Alternative investment management

Elevator Pitch: Dynamo is an industry-specific end-to-end enterprise software solution for alternative investment managers and asset allocators.

Year Formed: 1998

No. of Employees: 95

Stage: Profitable 

Notable investors: Privately owned

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

Dynamo Software (formerly Netage Solutions) provides industry-specific, end-to-end software solutions for alternative investment professionals through configurable Cloud-based CRM, portfolio management, online reporting software, and mobile apps. 

Dynamo benefits general partners by improving the productivity of fundraising, investment research, due diligence, deal management, portfolio analysis, and investor relations teams through automation to help fund managers raise assets on time, make the best investments, and keep their investors satisfied.

Dynamo Software’s limited partner configurations can automate the aggregation of investment research data, institutionalize the due diligence process, ensure ongoing due diligence, consolidate portfolio investment, analyze portfolio data, and generate reporting to ensure teams are meeting the institutional mandate.

How is Dynamo different than other companies in the same space? 

Dynamo has specific deployment configurations for each alternative asset vertical while allowing for further configuration – not customization – that ensures project implementation timelines are met, and avoids the hazards and time consuming implementation of bespoke solutions. 

Firms collaborate with an industry-experienced implementation specialist to personalize the platform with the data fields and categorization that aligns with their desired terminology and workflow, while ingraining our experienced staff’s best practices. Additionally, users can create customized dashboards that enable users to view data in a manner that matches their operational priorities. Dynamo’s configurability also enables firms to easily benefit from all future Dynamo feature updates and releases even with unique configurations, which is more difficult in platforms with hard-coded architecture and customizations.

A certified Microsoft Gold Partner, Dynamo offers fluid integration with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Dynamo Software has also further consolidated firms’ data management needs by expanding native integrations with Bloomberg, PitchBook, Preqin, BarclayHedge and Morningstar’s ByAllAccounts system.

As a company, 70% of Dynamo Software’s employees work within research and development or client service, which validates positioning as a truly client-focused company.

What is your revenue model?

Dynamo is a modularized subscription service, which provides users the ability to scale their usage and costs to meet their operational and budgetary needs. However, for organizations with mature internal security teams or IT access restrictions, Dynamo can also be hosted on-site, or in a private Cloud.

Who is your target market?

The Dynamo software target market encompasses all general and limited partnerships that invest in alternative assets. The company’s 400+ clients include private equity firms, venture capital groups, hedge funds, private equity real estate firms, funds of funds, family offices, fund administrators, prime brokers, and alternative asset allocators including endowments, foundations, pensions, and both multi- and single-family offices.

How big is the opportunity? 

Dynamo Software recently commissioned an independent survey of prominent institutional investors, in order to learn more about their perspectives on information management and communication with general partners. The survey revealed that the reliance on multiple systems for portfolio management and manual data entry processes represent two serious challenges, and that fund communication remains a key pain point.

The results presented in this survey indicate that a comprehensive management and communications system is a compelling offering for the alternative investment market.

Why are you and your team capable of succeeding?

Dynamo Software has enjoyed sustained success and continuous organic growth through best-in-class client service, and prioritizing an engaging dialogue with clients to ensure Dynamo addresses the latest challenges impacting alternative investment firms and their investors. The Dynamo Software client service team has achieved both a 97% satisfaction rating, and a 97% confirmation of an enthusiastic referral, in the past two annual companywide client surveys. These ratings resulted from the dedicated work of highly experienced client service professionals; the average experience of a Dynamo Software implementation specialist is seven years.

Dynamo Software has, and continues to ensure, that client collaboration and satisfaction remains the company’s most important mission.

What is your company’s next target/milestone?

Dynamo Software is prioritizing a comprehensive front-end update to the Dynamo platform in 2016. The major changes include a modernized user interface that aligns with the presentation of premier business software, and streamlined navigation that reduces the activity needed to access and manipulate key data. Users adopting the newest Dynamo edition will also benefit from Global Search, which enables users to find key terms in uploaded documents and correspondence, as well as enhanced hierarchical lookups, conditional formatting, grid totals, and flexible ad hoc reporting.

Can you tell us one unusual fact about your company? 

Dynamo Software was founded the same year as Google.

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