Malachite Capital Partners Up 2.57% in February, 5.47% YTD

Mar 14 2017 | 10:40pm ET

Malachite Capital returned 2.57% net of fees and expenses in February, according to performance data obtained by FINalternatives. 

All three segments of the relative value manager performed positively, as realized volatility in the U.S. remained muted, implied volatility was largely unchanged and risks were largely uncorrelated between the U.S., Europe, and Asia, according to the data.

Following a strong 2.82% net gain in January, Malachite is now up 5.47% net of fees so far this year. The company booked 22.3% in 2016, easily topping the S&P 500’s 9.54% annual gain.

Founded in late 2013 by former Goldman Sachs colleagues Jacob Weinig and Joseph Aiken, Malachite Capital Management is a global, market neutral, equity-derivative relative-value fund based in New York with nearly $300 million in assets under management. 

The fund seeks to earn long-term, risk-adjusted absolute return by capturing the value created from structural inefficiencies and short-term price anomalies in global equity index volatility markets while avoiding exposure to binary macro risk scenarios.

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