American Century Investments Launches New Long/Short Liquid Alternative Fund

Apr 14 2017 | 12:34am ET

Kansas City-based mutual fund giant American Century Investments has expanded its suite of liquid alternative investment strategies with the launch of a new long/short equity fund. 

The new fund, named the AC Alternatives Disciplined Long Short Fund, is aimed at clients and investors who are seeking equities with potentially lower volatility, the company said in a release. 

The new fund is the sixth in the AC Alternatives family of funds that launched in 2015 to provide investors with access to sophisticated alternative investment strategies in more liquid and cost-effective forms. It was formally known as Disciplined Growth Plus and launched in 2011, but has been redesigned to be a long/short equity product with a variable net exposure to stocks that will typically range from 30% to 70%. 

While it will continue to follow the same investment philosophy, modifications include the amount of the fund that can be long or short based on a dynamic, market-exposure model. Previously, the fund was a 130/30 vehicle with 100 percent net exposure to equities.

The new fund is available in several share classes, with the Institutional class trading under the symbol ACDKX. 

AC Alternatives Disciplined Long Short is managed by chief investment officer, multi-asset strategies & disciplined equity Scott Wittman, CFA, CAIA, and vice president and portfolio manager Yulin Long, Ph.D., CFA.

"AC Alternatives Disciplined Long Short is a welcome addition because it's another way to help clients strive to mitigate risk in their portfolios," says Cleo Chang, senior vice president and head of alternative investments for American Century Investments. "We also believe long/short strategies can provide important diversification with the potential for more consistent returns over a full market cycle."

Founded in 1958, American Century Investments is one of the nation’s leading investment managers with AUM of more than $150 billion. The company’s mutual fund family covers U.S. growth equity, U.S. value equity, quantitative equity, global and non-U.S. equity, fixed income and asset allocation strategies. 

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