A&P Emerging Manager Index Gains 1.10% In April

May 12 2017 | 8:57pm ET

Emerging hedge fund managers outperformed both broader markets and their larger alternative asset brethren in April, according to new data from Advisors and Partners. 

The company’s A&P Emerging Manager Index gained 1.10% in April, its fourth consecutive monthly record, and beat the 0.91% and 0.64% posted by the S&P 500 and Eureka Hedge Fund Index, respectively. 

Advisors & Partners launched the index on December 1, 2015 as an equal-weighted measure of 20 emerging hedge fund managers compiled through both quantitative and qualitative screening. To be eligible for the index, funds and their appointed investment advisors must have AUM of between $20 million and $500 million and a track record of less than 36 months. 

The universe of eligible investment strategies is Arbitrage, Bottom-Up, Convertible Arbitrage, CTA/Managed Futures, Distressed Debt, Directional, Event Driven, Fixed Income, Long Bias, Long/Short Equity, Macro, Market Neutral, Merger Arbitrage, Multi-Strategy, Relative Value & Risk Arbitrage.

The index is designed to provide investors with an interest in early stage hedge fund investing with an effective research and benchmarking tool, as well as to provide better visibility to asset managers who have launched new hedge fund investment products.  

Founded in 2011, London-based Advisors & Partners LLP provides financial, advisory and business development services to institutional investors, asset managers and financial institutions globally. Its area of expertise spans investment manager sourcing and selection, portfolio construction, capital raising, structuring capabilities, and dedicated investment solutions in both financial and real assets.

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