Scaramucci Named Chief Strategy Officer of U.S. Export-Import Bank

Jun 27 2017 | 11:02pm ET

Skybridge Capital founder and key Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci has been named chief strategy officer for the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

The appointment has been confirmed by a bank spokesperson and became effective on June 19, according to an article in Politico. The news comes just a few weeks after reports surfaced that Scaramucci was being considered for the post of U.S. ambassador to the OECD in Paris, and just a few days after a now-retracted CNN article erroneously reported that Scaramucci was under scrutiny for alleged connections to a Russian investment fund. 

He is reportedly still in the running for the ambassadorship, which would require confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

A vocal Trump surrogate and fundraiser during the campaign, Scaramucci sold his ownership in Skybridge at the beginning of the year to clear the way for a senior job in the new administration. He was initially tapped for a liaison role in the office of public engagement, only to be passed over earlier this year.

Scaramucci founded Skybridge, which specializes in funds of hedge funds products, custom separate account portfolios, hedge fund advisory services and has a long-only mutual fund, in 2005 after a stint at Goldman Sachs. 

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