Real talk on Bobby Flay, the Isle of Man and Steven Cohen

Jul 18 2017 | 7:31pm ET

Real talk on Bobby Flay, the Isle of Man and Steven Cohen

Today we discuss the next terrible restaurant IPO, we question why anyone would invest in a fund on the Isle of man, and we salute Steven Cohen’s healthcare project for veterans.

Quotes of the Day:

“The burger bubble has officially popped.”

That’s Stephen Gandel at Bloomberg.

It looks like we’re going to get a serving of yet another questionable IPO very soon.

Gandel calls the plan to bring Bobby Flay’s fast-casual chain, Bobby's Burger Palace, a subprime IPO.

That’s probably putting it nicely given the current state of the restaurant industry.

In next month’s issue, we ask a few damning questions about the state of the restaurant industry.

Most notably, the aggressive expansion goals that simply don’t add up mathematically of more than a dozen public companies, all trading at lofty valuations. Private equity companies have been loading up companies with debt, talking big games about restaurant expansion (in some cases as high as 1,028% for burger chains), and then unloading stock alongside insiders not long after the debut.

in the wake of this year’s Snap Inc. and Blue Apron IPOs, anyone who thinks that Bobby Flay is going to cook them up big returns is eating too much of their own product.

They should just cancel this right now.

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“Legal opinion as stated by lawyers from both New York and the Isle of Man is that the default is by no means certain. Surely, the regulator cannot sit back and do nothing while claiming to be protecting the interests of shareholders.”

Isle of Man-based Quadris Environmental Fund is in default.

So says an American hedge fund. Now, with bank accounts on ice, roughly 1,200 investors are wondering if they’ll be able to receive even pennies on the dollar.

They were aware that money was being housed on the Isle of Man… right?

They were aware that this fund was investing primarily in teak plantations, right?

Was there any risk management at all?

"When people call the clinic, we can offer an appointment within a week, so there's not really a wait time."

That’s Doctor Amy Williams, an employee at the Cohen Veterans Network.

At a time that the Veterans Affairs continues to be a shining example of the problem with government-operated healthcare, Steven Cohen’s agency is proving to offer a solution to steep wait times and costs for retired soldiers.

The network provides free clinics that are funded by private donors. Williams goes on to explain that it isn’t just the soldiers who receive care. So too do their families.

This isn’t meant to turn into a discussion into the value of private competition. For now, let’s tip our cap to Cohen’s team, which includes Admiral Michael Mullen, USN (Retired), former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, and Eric Weingartner from the Robin Hood Foundation.

For more information on the clinics and how to participate, go here.


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