MVIS: All Seven Investable Global Long/Short Equity Indexes Rise In July

Aug 2 2017 | 8:10pm ET

All seven investable long/short equity indices from Frankfurt-based liquid alternative index provider MV Index Solutions booked positive returns in July, the VanEck subsidiary has announced. 

The company’s Asia (Developed) Long/Short Equity Index and the MVIS North America Long/Short Equity Index led the way, returning +1.78% and +1.73%, respectively, followed by the MVIS Global Long/Short Equity Index (+1.32% per cent) and the MVIS Global Event Long/Short Equity Index (+1.31%).

The MVIS All World Long/Short Equity Index returned 1.24%, while the MVIS Emerging Markets Long/Short Equity Index and the MVIS Western Europe Long/Short Equity Indexes recorded 1.20% and 0.93%, respectively.

Each of the seven indices is constructed using transparent, liquid ETFs and U.S. Treasury securities, the company said, in order to produce hedge fund-style returns without hedge fund pricing, opaqueness and redemption restrictions. 

MVIS’s four regional and three global long/short equity strategies use a patented methodology in seeking to capture the beta returns of universes of statistically similar hedge funds that exhibit in aggregate consistently high concentrations of beta. 

Founded in 2011, MV Index Solutions develops, monitors and licenses the MVIS Indices, a selection of focused, investable and diversified benchmark indices that are especially designed to underlie financial products. The company is the index business of VanEck, a U.S.-based investment management firm and ETF provider. Approximately $13.4 billion is currently invested in financial products based on MVIS Indices. 

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