Thasos Group Launches New Real-Time Alternative Data Feed

Aug 9 2017 | 9:32pm ET

Alternative data intelligence company Thasos Group has launched a data product that transforms location information from mobile phones worldwide into real-time, objective insights.

The new product, named Streams, provides an unprecedented ability to forecast corporate fundamentals, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

With more than five billion mobile phones broadcasting their locations throughout the world, Streams harnesses artificial intelligence, distributed computing and privacy technology to turn billions of daily location events into highly accessible information that can be easily consumed, understood and acted upon by investors and business managers.

Subscribers to Streams receive daily time series information, organized by industry and ticker symbol, on a wide variety of performance metrics, the company continued. These include data points such as on foot traffic to stores, restaurants, malls and airports, deliveries, employee hours, patient counts in hospitals, and many other relevant measurements for thousands of public and private companies across North America and Europe.

“The launch of Streams is another step in our mission to make alternative data accessible, including to those that lack large teams of data scientists,” said Greg Skibiski, Thasos Group founder and CEO, in the statement. “With location information from hundreds of millions of phones, mapped to every venue owned by more than 400 public companies, this highly predictive information covers sectors including retail, industrials, manufacturing, airlines and REITs, and provides the most complete picture available on how a company is performing.”

The launch of Streams complements Thasos’ successful Forecasts product that provides weekly and quarterly estimates of company fundamentals, including same-store sales, same-store transactions, revenue, attendance and more. The company’s intelligence is derived from volunteered mobile phone location data that has been anonymized, aggregated and thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with the highest legal, quality and ethical standards, the statement said. 

Founded in 2011, Thasos Group is an artificial intelligence specialist focused on extracting actionable information from the real-time locations of mobile phones everywhere. The company reportedly has the largest repository of high-quality location data after Google and Apple, and counts Acadian Asset Management founder Gary Bergstrom, former D.E. Shaw chief risk officer Peter Bernard, MIT Media Lab co-founder Sandy Pentland, and MIT Sloan Financial Engineering Lab director Andrew Lo among its investors and advisors.

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