Visible Alpha Adds Email Tracking, Budgeting Modules To ONEaccess Platform

Oct 10 2017 | 7:27pm ET

Research technology specialist Visible Alpha has unveiled two enhancements to its ONEaccess platform that aid clients in preparing for the compliance obligations associated with Europe’s MiFID II regulations set to be in force in January.

First, in collaboration with technology provider SPi Global, the platform now offers an email classification solution to help minimize the risk from inducements that come through one’s email inbox, the company said. The application classifies all email data, content, links and PDF attachments received into research categories and flags any potential inducements as part of the company’s broader Reverse Entitlements functionality for managing all types of research inducements.

Secondly, the platform now includes a budgeting application for managing both fixed and variable research costs in a more impactful and granular fashion. The solution allows firm administrators to set firm-wide budgets and allocate funds to specific groups, individuals, time periods, and fixed and variable costs. This allows investment managers to allocate to specific research providers in compliance with MiFID II requirements. Furthermore, information from the budgeting application can then populate valuation frameworks for use with the system’s broker vote application.

Founded in 2012, Visible Alpha creates a common language and platform for Wall Street analysts’ financial models and forecasts. The company combines advanced data correction methodologies, a secure distribution network and sophisticated analytical tools to drive efficiencies and transparency into the research process. More than 60 firms with a combined $12 trillion in AUM use the company’s tools to meet research unbundling requirements and implement best practices around research valuation. Visible Alpha’s investors include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Jefferies, Morgan Stanley and UBS. 

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