Kurtosys Survey: 64% Of Asset Managers See Content Marketing As Most Effective Tool

Oct 11 2017 | 4:13pm ET

Nearly two-thirds of asset managers regard content marketing as their most effective marketing tool, according to a new survey from financial services digital marketing specialist Kurtosys, with more than three out of five planning to increase their investment in content marketing in the coming year.

The survey was the fourth conducted by the company since 2012 and aims to track how marketers at asset management firms are reacting to changes in the digital landscape, the company said in a statement. 

Nearly 300 qualified respondents participated in the survey. Key takeaways:

  • 64% think content marketing will be most successful channel in the next 12 months
  • Nearly half (42%) rank social media and email campaigns equal in importance. 
  • Despite the rise of social media, traditional web presence remains a top priority. 70% of respondents plan to invest more into their websites, showing a growing interest in improving their digital footprint. 
  • Regarding website design, the most important factors are ease of navigation (71%) and user experience (61%). 
  • 41% said the top objective of their website is to generate new business, and 39% for brand awareness. 
  • 65% plan to spend more on content marketing and 49% say they plan to invest more in security.
  • Only 21% are using predictive analytics to display more relevant content to readers, while 71% do not. 
  • 48% of respondents have a company blog, and 28% say they create content more than once a week.
  • 34% of the asset managers surveyed say they create content to generate new business with 31% saying they do it to service existing customers. 
  • 69% of asset managers use in-house talent to build websites rather than outsourcing.
  • Other focuses for investment included security issues (49%), which dwarfed the interest in paying for marketing technology or cloud solutions (37%).
  • Almost half (48%) believe regulation will be the most disruptive force in the asset management industry in the coming years, ahead of than fintech startups and blockchain technology. However, only 50% have invested in regulatory technology. 

“The survey results reflect the growing influence of content marketing within the finance industry, and precedence placed on user experience,” noted Kurtosys CEO, Mash Patel, in the statement. “Considering half of the survey respondents have not invested in regulatory technology, it will be interesting to see if increased regulation will make this number increase in future years.”

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York, Kurtosys Kurtosys provides fund marketing and investor servicing solutions for financial services companies, including websites, fund data tools, digital factsheets, secure investor portals and document libraries.

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