The CAIA Association Launches the Chartered Alternative Data Analyst Institute

Feb 23 2018 | 12:38pm ET

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association today has announced the launch of a new initiative, the Chartered Alternative Data Analyst (CADA) Institute.

The newly launched institute is designed to foster education and understanding around the roles that increasing digitization and fintech are playing in the next growth phase of the financial services industry, according to the organization in a press release.

CADA will be a CAIA-affiliated organization tasked with examining the need to build an exam-based curriculum for professionals whose expertise in data and technology will likely play a more significant role in the future of financial analysis and decision making.

The CADA Institute will be forming an advisory board comprised of allocators, academics, investment professionals, data scientists, information technology leaders, cryptocurrency experts, and other key stakeholders to study and ultimately answer what digitization means for a new breed of professionals coming into this space.

“The rise of robo-advisors, the growing role of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, and the increasing use of sentiment analysis and unstructured data, are all examples of the ways in which finance and financial analysis are becoming increasingly digitized” said William Kelly, CEO of CAIA. “These changes…highlight the need for perhaps a new set of ethical standards and business practices built for an industry that increasingly measures its efforts in terabytes and nanoseconds.”

The CAIA Association is the world leader in alternative investment education, offering an education program uniquely designed for individuals specializing in institutional-quality alternative investments. Founded in 2002, the association is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for education and professionalism in the area of alternative investments.

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